What happens if a customer wants to get off the renewal call before you make your recommendations?

You worked super hard and have some ridiculously amazing recommendations for a client but they want off the phone!

Whether you are in line for your incentive plan or you just see a juicy cross selling opportunity in front of you, you are ready to go to impress the client. 

You get on the phone, go through the review (things are going well!) just when you are about to make your recommendation, BAM!, they wrap up the call only to leave you high and dry. 

Tip: When you start out the call make sure they know it's a review and recommendations. The client may think that when you are done with their policies the call is over. Far from the truth! You have your recommendations to take into consideration!

Generally speaking no one just flat hangs up the phone on you. 

Instead, as they are wrapping up SPEAK UP!

Remember your role: You are here to protect their lifestyle. You aren't doing that if you take their lead. Instead set your own course. 

🗝️Key Phrases You Can Use to Pivot the Conversation 

  • One more thing we have to review...
  • I see a coverage weakness we need to discuss...
  • Did you know you're missing the biggest discount we can offer...
  • I do have a recommendation I want to review with you...

Remember, when you shift the conversation back professionally you earn more opportunity and ability to hit your goals!