What Happens if we get off track making renewal calls?

Student FAQ's from AppX Retention

Over the course of any  successful  program at an agency, we can anticipate speed bumps. Common speed bumps include vacations, technology challenges and team availability. To help navigate around challenges and build problem solving skills, we have built in 3 options if the team gets off track. 

First 2 Weeks

The first 2 weeks after the initial training is and should be the training period. We want the agency to work out logistics and technical issues and get the team used to making the calls part of their day. During the first 2 weeks the goal is to try your best, but you have to make some calls each and every day. For many agencies, we see that at the end of the 2 weeks they are in the rhythm and routine of getting the calls completed by the end of the week.

Life (or a Pandemic!)

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control (for example, someone goes on leave, the flu epidemic breaks out, or basically life happens). When this happens, it’s important to work with your coach (for Live & Virtual clients) or hit up the community (online agencies). We do not want to bench the program altogether. Instead, we can temporarily go to a reduced call volume until the situation improves.