Agency Assessment Kick Off Call 1

Yeah! We are taking the first steps to getting launched!


Who should be on the kick-off call?

We limit this call to agency ownership. Once we understand the structure of your agency, we will discuss who should be on future calls. 

What are we accomplishing?

The main purpose of the kick-off call is to:

  • Welcome you
  • Establish your agency’s APP resources
  • Meet the team 
  • Build your timeline 
  • Review expectations
  • Identify the next steps for the agency (reports, secret shopper calls, team survey) 

Should the agency have anything prepared for the call?

We would like you to have established your Agency Performance Pack Login. After this call, we will have you watch a few videos on the assessment and get you comfortable with our online platform. 

How is this call conducted?

We generally hold our meetings via video call on Zoom. The link for the video call will be in your calendar invite. 

Does the agency need to document decisions made on the call?

After the call, you will receive a full detailed outline with dates and next steps. The call will also be recorded and transcribed. You are welcome to take notes, but we will ensure your agency is on track!