What incentive plans work for AppX retention?

We have created a few sample incentive plans for agencies to get started with when making renewal review calls.

While every team is different, everyone loves incentive plans! You can take our recommendations or create your own!

There should be three components to a great incentive plan:

  • Team Goal: Where everyone completes something to win
  • Individual: You want to recognize your top performers
  • Big Goal: If the agency hits something 

AppX Retention Set Up Guide For Managers (2)

AppX Retention Set Up Guide For Managers (3)


Phase 2 of AppX Retention

For phase 2 we want to really focus on encouraging premium coverage increases this would be auto liability and cyber and or EPLI in commercial. 

We also want to get good at selling cross sell opportunities that the client may not have such as Umbrella, Flood, Life etc. As part of round 2 we want to focus on incentivizing them even more in these areas.