What is the process to our daily three minute videos?

1.  Log into Hubspot

2.  Under marketing tab, go to email

3.  Daily Three Minute Video Emails are titled "Three MInute Video & 3 Tips (date).  Find the previous email and clone the day before's daily email

4.  Rename with the correct date

5.  Replace meme

6.  Change 3 tips

7.  Put in new Pay it Forward every Monday 

8.  Go to https://www.canva.com/folder/all-designs.  Log in through Kelly's Facebook account.  Create new motivational quote in canva, download and replace existing one.

9.  Sign into Wordpress here: https://www.agencyperformancepartners.com/wp-admin/

10.  Go to the "New" drop down in the top bar.  Create new blog post 

11.  Name it Daily Three Minute Video:  (title of video)

12. Check Uncategorized

13.  Copy and paste body of email (three tips and Pay it Forward) into Wordpress

14.  Copy and paste Are you loving our videos text into the bottom of the blog

15.  Go back to Hubspot.  Under the marketing drop down, go to lead capture.  Then to CTAs.  Embed code for "Buy Kelly"

16.  Go back to wordpress post, switch to text view and post code at the bottom.  Switch back to visual.

17.  Drag and add meme from the email template to the bottom of the blog

18.  Download emailed video to computer and upload to Zubtitle at https://zubtitle.com/.  Login is deanna@agencyperformancepartners.com and the PW is Dp090771!

19.  Change to APP Caption in Zubtitle

20.  Play video and edit subtitles.

21. Add caption in and change it to APP Headline

22.  Complete title of blog in wordpress with video title

22. Go to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/

23.  Go to the camera icon at the top left and drop down to Upload Video

24.  Drag video from computer to Youtube to upload

25.  Add title, make it public and copy link

26.  Go back to Wordpress.  About midway down the page under Blog fields, is Post Video.  Input URL from Youtube where it says Enter URL

27.  Publish post

28.  View post and create a snipit of the video

29. Go back to Hubspot email and insert blog link into top section of email

30.  Replace video snip it with new one

31.  Change subject line of email

32.  Send test email and check all links and spelling

33.  Schedule it for following day at 10am

34.  Create social media post for later the same day