What reports do we need to get to APP before we launch AppX Retention?

We want to get some baseline data to track the success of the program.

Please check your management system guide in the Agency Performance Pack school for details on your specific system.  You can log in at agencyperformancepartners.com

As we are gearing up to launch AppX Retention we need to identify a few key metrics so we can track before and after success. We know that for many agencies reporting can be a challenge but with our management system guides we hope to alleviate that challenge!

Retention Rate

The agency's retention rate may be one of the reasons you engaged with us!
We suggest that you review the Agency Performance Pack AppX Retention Online Course on your management system for details on how to obtain that number. 

Generally we want the premium, revenue and policy retention rate whenever possible. 


We want to get a handle on the re-marketing quotes and moves. One of the good side effects of the program is a reduction in re-marketing activity while improving the retention rates. 

Coverage Improvements

For many agencies improving coverage only happens during a re-market or request from the client. By reviewing policies we can start proactively increasing coverage. We want to make sure we capture the average coverage improvements before and after the program. 

Cross Selling/Account Rounding

Many agencies do track this however it's hard to decipher between call in business requesting a cross sell and someone who actually proactively asks for it. We want to obtain a baseline of before and after so we can set goals.