What technology do I need for Agency Performance Partners (Online Live or Virtual)

For both live and virtual programs having the right technology for the meetings will make all the difference!

For both programs we use online virtual meetings to help coach and train the team. Having the right equipment makes a big difference!

Virtual Meeting Software:

We use Zoom Meeting, you can download it before our first call here: zoom.us

Conference Room Camera Setup: 

If using a conference room, you should have a camera that shows everyone in the room or one that can rotate to show different people. The computer connected to this camera will need to have internet/zoom capabilities.

Speakerphone - for enhanced sound in conference room settings:

If using a conference room you either want to be able to use the  camera microphone setup or be able to dial in to the zoom meeting with a phone and place it on speaker. In this case you do need someone attending the tech controls to mute and unmute if necessary. 

Personal Computer Webcams with a microphone:

If individuals will be joining via their offices/desk they need to have a webcam, microphone and internet with the capability to use either the web browser, or desktop app for zoom.  


Note: AT APP we require attendees of all of our meetings to be on camera and unmuted, unless their are circumstances that do not allow it. We do this to make the lessons as interactive as possible. We appreciate your cooperation.