What Things Should Leadership Be Doing During The AppX Retention Training 2 Weeks?

If you're a leader, you may be wondering, what things can you do during the first two weeks to fuel your success?

You just had the big training day, and now it's time to get to business. We have mapped out some tips and suggestions of what you can do as a leader to fuel your success. 

Week 1:

Day 1 (1st Business Day After Training)

  • Hold a quick meeting with your team or send out a chat to the team thanking them for their time and commitment.
  • Remind them that this is day one and where they should go to find calls.
  • Encourage them to raise their hand with questions. 
  • Clearly set the expectation that calls will be made today.
  • At the close of the day, regroup for 5 minutes or send out a chat about how the calls went.
  • Check the reporting  in your system to make sure people coded calls.

Day 2

  • Share any successes with the team. 
  • Address via coaching any coding errors.
  • If there was anyone who did not make the calls, have a private meeting with them.

Day 3

  • Throw down a mini challenge (Example: first person to get an increase gets a lottery ticket, first cross-sell gets an Amazon gift card)
  • Review the numbers.
  • By this point someone will have raised their hand for help. Praise them for this and help them prioritize their day.

Day 4

  • Check with the team on how they are keeping up with calls (verify with reports).
  • Address anyone who is behind/not making calls.
  • Encourage the team to make a big push to end the 1st week strong.

Day 5

  • Review any backlog and address it with the team to get caught up for the first week. 
  • Reward the team for 1 week of success.

On Friday you will get an email to upload your data so we can build your data template. 

Week 2

Day 1

  • Hold a team meeting.
  • Share with the team the APP processed numbers. Often when people see how the data is presented, the coding makes more sense.
  • Set the stage for the week.
  • Congratulate them on a great 1st training week. 
  • Address any coding issues with the team. 
  • Set down a challenge for the team — a target for the week with a mini prize.

Day 2

  • Look to see if you have any people lagging behind; make sure to address it with them. 

Day 3

  • Talk through any challenges such as time, bad contact information or coding. When everyone is on the same page, things go smoother. 
  • Find a few successes to highlight that aren't always sales:
    • Saving someone who was going to shop
    • Finding an E&O issue
    • Updating bad contact information
    • Talking to a client who hasn't had contact in 5+ years
    • Working together like a team to help out

Day 4

  • Update the team on where they stand on the mini challenge.
  • Finalize any coding issues. 
  • Congratulate the team for a job well done.

Day 5

  • Look to see if the team hit the goal.
  • Celebrate!
  • Remind the team to watch the first video for the training with APP coming up!

On Friday we will send an email to upload your data to see the first official week of data.