What to do if a client needs something ASAP?

It can be difficult to manage clients' expectations especially when clients can demand everything right now!

You have planned for a productive day and then all of a sudden boom! One of your clients needs something ASAP. What are you suppose to do?  Do you push aside the silent customer and rise to the occasion or find a better solution. Here is a decision making framework. 

Silent Customer:  This is the person not breathing on you but you still owe them something. You have made promises and there is still work to be done. 

What Is the Quality of the Customer 😍

For many agencies the clients who are the neediest are the ones who make the demands. We need to take a moment and look at the account. Take a look at:

  • What is the premium? - We shouldn't dis our VIP clients for a small account
  • Do they always ask for favors? -If you give a mouse a cookie, right? We are training them to expect this.
  • Are they VIP? - Then please do it!
  • Are they good payers? - If not, move on.  Your hard work will go to waste.
  • Is there a producer? - If so, check with them

Rushes ALWAYS Have Hair 💇

You think the rush will be simple but it's not... it's complicated in fact. What should take 10 mins dominates your morning. In a rush situation, you have to put a timer on it. 

All too often we dive down every rabbit hole to find the best solution when maybe they need a solution for right now. 

Weigh Out the Options ⚖️

In these situations it's a great time to say I'm going to get you coverage NOW but we will go back next week and review all options. Because time is of the essence let's do what we have to now and then work to get you the best situation when we have time to review all options. 

This allows you to do what is necessary now, and then go back and spend more time when you have it on a better solution. 

Make People Feel Your Favor 💄💋

When you pull out a HUGE favor do you make people feel that? Are you all over the I'll try but you owe me conversation? All too often we make clients think it was easy when it wasn't. In fact it was damn near impossible! So make sure you ham it up and let them know the amount of work you did and add a little deposit to the loyalty piggy bank.