What to do if someone responds to a renewal review email with no changes?

Many agencies follow up on renewal review calls with emails or use an automated system to send out notifications.

As part of our renewal review program (AppX Retention) we recommend that agencies send emails after they leave a voicemail from a renewal review call. For many agencies they also use email automation software (like Agency Revolution) to remind clients that the agency is available during the renewal process. 

So, what do you do when you get a response to either of these emails with "all set" or "no changes"?

Why Were You Calling?

The first step is so refresh yourself with why you were calling. If you are using our renewal review pre-call checklist, pull it out and review your notes. 

Next, remember the role of the renewal review call. It's to make sure we protect the clients' lifestyle from unfortunate circumstances. 

Remember, the role of the renewal review program is to protect the clients' lifestyle. 

Position Your Value

Imagine your doctor emailed you at your annual physical and you responded no changes. They would probably say "That's for me to tell you!" 

Since the client responded via email, you should respond back to them via email but with a twist!

Email Response

Thank you for your response. It's good to know that you and your family are still well. There are a few items I need to review with you since your carrier has had some updates. I need a few minutes of your time to review a few items. 

You can call me back between TIME and TIME Monday through Friday. If I don't hear from you by Thursday I'll try you at NUMBER. 

Looking forward to connecting soon.

Tip: The twist is to let the client know you will be calling them to make sure they understand this is an important call. 

Phone Call Voicemail

Should you call and get a voicemail here is your message:

Hi, this is NAME from AGENCY. I wanted to follow up with you on your POLICY NAME with COMPANY NAME renewal and a few items I wanted to review with you. Please call me back this week so we can review a few updates. You can call me between TIME and TIME at NUMBER. 

Follow Ups?

From there you don't need scheduled follow ups. But if they call back in the future for service make sure to pull out those review notes!