What to Do When You Get a No From an Automated Text/Email?

Automation is a great help, but when someone gives you a no via an automated system, it's an opportunity!

What To Do When You Get a No From an Automated Text/Email?

If your agency is using automation to assist you in follow up (note: I said assist, not replace), you may get rejected by a simple text or email response. Let's face it — it's much easier and simpler to say no via electronic communications than it is to say it to your face. However, let's role reverse — if someone says no on a phone call, do you just say ok? You better not! You need to do the same with the response to an automated electronic response. 

So what should you do when you get the rejection via email or text?

Tip: Always pick up the phone; do not respond back electronically. Remember, people can assume your tone and be turned off. 

Bottom line, start by picking up the phone. You need to embrace the rejection with clear verbal communication. At the very least, you will get more details and the opportunity to earn their business in the future. 

What Do You Say?

Hi, this is NAME with Agency Name. I just got your Email/Text and wanted to connect. I was a bit surprised by the response and I wanted to see what we could have done differently to earn your business.


It will either be:

  • Price
  • Relationship
  • Coverage


We have several ways we can review your price. Would it be possible to see the quote you have currently? Oftentimes other agents may not run all the reports, so the price is an estimate or we have different coverages. 


Many of our clients feel the same way about us. What do you like about your current agent and is there anything you wish you could change?


What coverage did they offer that you liked? With all of our companies, we can generally find something comparable. I'm glad I called so we can find you options. 

To refute any objection, your best strategy is to ask questions. Answers empower you to find the best solution for the client.