When Should I Tell My Team About AppX Sales?

We break the team into 2 parts. Team Leaders and Team Members. Review this article for guidance on when to tell your team.

Congratulations and welcome to the AppX Sales Family!

As you are getting on-boarded we want to provide you some guidance on telling your team about the program. We generally break the agency into team leaders and team members.

Team Leader

Team Leader: This is someone who is going to be instrumental in setting up and coordinating the program. Generally this is a manager, leader or operations person. If your agency doesn't have this role and you are it, no worries!  You can tell yourself about the program. 😆

You can tell the team leaders now about the program as you will want them on the first call to coordinate the launch. 

Team Member

Team Member: This is the team that will be working on building and executing your agency's sales process. We like to tell them once we have a few more details nailed down and we can coordinate your launch. If you have already told them, no worries either.  We will still have a launch party to review some specifics. 

We ask that you hold off on telling them so we can pull all the details together. Oftentimes, based on their personalities, they really want all the details laid out for them.