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How To Sell A Personal Umbrella Policy?

Extra coverage - no one wants that, right? It all has to do with our ability to show value.

We all want our clients to have the same coverage beliefs as we do, right? But the thought of spending more on insurance some times makes people apprehensive. In order to break through that belief we need to have a strategy for selling umbrellas. 

It All Starts With Belief

An umbrella is a small investment for a maximum amount of protection. But the truth is if we aren't clear and sharp on how someone would benefit from an umbrella, our sale will fall short. You have to get passionate and strong on the benefits of an umbrella policy. 

Your Tone Matters

There are more than just verbal cues that make the difference in winning a sale or losing one. Watch my video for an example of how two different tones get a different result. 

Expect a No and Be Ready to Ask Questions

Yes I said it. Expect to hear no. 

Just be ready for it! When you hear a no I just want you to drop into late night DJ voice and ask questions. You will be surprised how many people come around to your way of thinking. 

Monthly Premiums

When working to woo someone to embrace umbrella coverage, think of monthly premium vs annual. $10 per month sounds way better than $240!