Why Emailing Quotes Is a Losing Strategy

Emailing quotes won't help your closing ratio. In fact, it hurts it!

We all love email (well I don't but that's another topic for another post). It's efficient and allows us to communicate. But it doesn't sell insurance. People still sell insurance. Here are the top 10 reasons to not email your quotes to prospects:

  1. People only look at price, not what you are offering
  2. Emails go to junk/spam.  You can't help it but if a prospect doesn't get a quote they may think you ghosted them
  3. You can't experience their reaction to the quote
  4. The prospect can easily forward it to anyone else they are working with
  5. The prospect has to take their time to understand it 
  6. If you are improving coverages/adding other lines, the prospect can become overwhelmed
  7. Oftentimes you need additional underwriting information, so get it on the call and finalize the quote
  8. Your call to action when emailing the quote is to call me - take out that step.  Call them!
  9. You deserve the right to review your hard work with the client
  10. When you email the quote you can easily get ghosted and not get the true objection

Emailing A Quote Is Easier On Us But Doesn't Win The Sale

The truth is emailing the quote is easier on us but it doesn't earn us the true compensation for our time, which is a sale! When a client asks for the quote to be emailed to them, it's ok to push back. You could be being treated like a quote machine rather than a professional. Alert them you have a few more underwriting questions to review with them and need to reconnect. 

After You Review the Quote You CAN Email It

I'm not saying to never email the quote.  I'm saying to do it as few times as possible but NEVER before you get to explain your value. 

Too often I hear agents say "Why don't I email it and you can review it?" NOPE!  Take that out of your vocabulary. We only email quotes after we review AND the client requests it.