Why Should I Invest in Having APP Process My Data?

It may seem like an investment but lets face it what gets measured gets managed.

You may be concluding on our AppX Programs or Agency Assessment and thinking I like the reporting but what happens next? Or your an online Agency Performance Pack agency and think ohhh man I'm not an Excel Guru. Well don't worry we have a plan for you. 

Top Reasons to Have APP Keep Up With Reporting Your Data (for $95 per week!)

  1. What is your time worth? You have to think about your time and how long it takes to update the data make the pretty reports and send them out to your team. We take care of all of that for you!
  2. Can you make the commitment? Your life is productive too... if it seems like a task you wont look forward to should you be doing it? We know it starts with missing one week and then the reports run a few days late. Then whoops its been 3 weeks and you realize the team is off track. 
  3. Are you comfy in Excel? For many agencies you have an insurance license not a black belt in Excel. Do you want to fuss with fussy pivot tables?
  4. Your team likes seeing where they are. You have worked really hard, there is no reason to go backward if your team likes seeing where they are fuel that fire. 
  5. We have upped our data game BIG TIME In the Summer of 2020 we are launching a new data visualization software which means you can quickly analyze your data and see trends. This means your data is telling you the story of your agency. data sample
  6. With Better Data You Can Make Better Decisions Imagine having a dashboard for each person with their key metrics to make decisions off of! Pretty snazzy. 
  7. We are here for you! When you use us to process your data we will send you synopsis from time to time on your progress. 
  8. See where your agency ranks against your peers! Yes as we get a bit deeper we will be able to see your stats vs. other APP clients. What a motivating force to be #1 of the universe!
  9. We process it fast. Pending no issues we generally have your data ready for you to review the next morning!
  10. You can get this data now on your phone, pdf and more. We didnt love the Google Sheets either but we started from humble beginnings! 


For $95 per week we can process your data to help tell the story of how your team is performing!